Land Use Board,  Construction Code,  Permits,  
Inspections & Zoning  Office

Valerie Santagata-Jones, Secretary

Phone Number: (856) 697-9393
Fax: (856) 697-0832

E-Mail Address:

Location: Municipal Center (616 Central Ave. Minotola,NJ 08341)


Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Receives Construction Permit Applications,  Zoning Permit Applications, Land Use Board Applications (see forms below). Issue approved permits. Schedule inspections and prepare agendas for Land Use Board meetings. Retain resolutions and minutes of land use bard meetings. 

Scheduling of new occupant inspections.  Such as a Resale of a home or Rental Unit.

Zoning Maps, Uses, Schedules, and Bulk requirements are available to the public for review.

Inspections can be scheduled  by calling (856) 697-9393 e-mailing or stopping by the at the Construction Office during business hours.

Zoning Officers

The examination of all applications for zoning permits. The issuance of zoning permits

Zoning Officer John Keenan

Code Enforcement Officer

Code Enforcement Officer  performs a variety of technical duties in support of the boroughs code enforcement ordinance; monitors and enforces a variety of applicable ordinances, codes, and regulations related to land use matters, building, housing

Code Enforcement Officer James Hoffman

Construction Code  Officials

Construction Code Officer James Hoffman
Building Sub Code Official James Hoffman
Electrical Sub Code Official Joseph Rizzuto
Fire Sub Code Official  
Plumbing Sub Code Official Dennis LaSassa
Occupancy Inspector James Hoffman

Permit application can be mailed to: 
Buena Borough Construction Code
616 Central Avenue
Minotola, NJ 08341

Land Use Board

Applications are available for pick up in the Land Use Board office or you can download from the Forms and Documents box on this page..

Applications to the board must be submitted to the board secretary 20 days prior to the meeting date.

Land Use Board reviews land development applications, including:

  • Major Subdivisions
  • Major Site Plans
  • Minor Subdivisions
  • Minor Site Plans
  • Bulk Variances in conjunction with an application for development approval
  • Site Plan Waivers
  • Conceptual Plan Reviews
  • Applications pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:55D-70:
    • Hear and decide appeals where it is alleged by the appellant that there is error in any order, requirement, decision or refusal made by an administrative officer based on or made in the enforcement of the zoning ordinance. Such an appeal must be filed within twenty (20) days of the officer’s decision.
    • Hear and decide requests for interpretation of the zoning map or ordinance or for decisions upon other special questions upon which such board is authorized to pass by any zoning or official map ordinance.
    • Hear and decide applications for “c” variances (variances relating to lot area, yard areas, setbacks, etc.)
    • Hear and decide applications for “d” variances (variances allowing use of a building or property not permitted in a particular zoning district).

Land Use Board Members

Mayor David Zappariello,  Class I  -  ( 1/01/2021)    1 year
Councilman Matthew Walker, Class III  -  
Edward Castellari,  Class IV   -   ( 01/01/2019 )     4 years
William Nimohay,  Class II  -   (01/01/2021)   1 year    
Douglas Brunini   Class IV  -   (01/01/2021)   4 years
Katrina D’Alessandro   Class IV  -  (01/01/2021)   4  years
Lou Nardone, Class IV  -  Reorg 2021  (Filling unexpired term of Aldo Palmieri 1/1/2018 -  12/31/2021)
John Peyton IV,  Class IV 
James Heisler, Class IV

Meeting Dates and Document Archive

Land Use Board meetings are being held virtually during the pandemic and any interested persons should contact borough hall for dial-in information.

2023 Meetings with Agendas and Minutes

2022 Meetings with Agendas and Minutes

2021 Meetings with Agendas and Minutes

2020 Meetings with Agendas and Minutes

2019 Meetings with Agendas and Minutes

2018 Meetings with Agendas and Minutes

2017 Meetings with Agendas and Minutes

2016 Meetings with Agendas and Minutes

2015 Meetings with Agendas and Minutes

2014 Meetings with Agendas and Minutes

2013 Meetings with Agendas and Minutes

Archive of Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes